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Angela Jeffrey

Angela Jeffrey
Angela Jeffrey is a national award-winning veteran of PR, advertising and marketing with JCPenney, Jeffrey Communications and national agencies. She later became an expert in PR measurement after developing, and selling, one of the first DIY measurement tools in the PR industry, and consequently became interested in the intersection of paid and non-paid media effectiveness. Today, Angela is Vice President Brand Manager for ABX Advertising Benchmark Index, an advertising-effectiveness firm that tests creative in ALL media in virtual real-time. ABX is in the process of structuring a test of PR effectiveness based on panel response to advertising before and after a PR or social media event. Angela is a recognized evangelist, thought leader, writer and speaker for PR measurement and evaluation with an emphasis on correlating share of voice to business outcomes. She also serves as a member of the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission.
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Nike and United Airlines: An Integrated Marketing Tale

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Oct 9, 2018 3:19:58 PM


Today's post looks at two case studies in integrated communications - how paid and non-paid media interact in two major scandals - one with Nike and the other with United Airlines. The post is reprinted with permission from the Institute for Public Relations, and is written by three of its members: Katie Paine of Paine Publishing, Mark Stouse of Proof Analytics and Angela Jeffrey, APR, of ABX.  Contact information is below.  For more on this topic, see ABX resource page on integrated marketing.

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Topics: Integrated Marketing

ABX takes on the Media: What Makes an ad Hot?

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Jun 13, 2018 2:23:04 PM


Today's post debuts a new series, "ABX takes on the Media," by challenging ads designated as "Hot." Ads cited by popular ad pundits will be subjected to ABX advertising effectiveness testing to see how they really work. Today's post compares June Olay and Macy's ads to see how they portray women.  If you're interested in more about ad effectiveness, or about gender equality, click the links for resources pages.

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Topics: Gender Equality Measure

How Does Non-Paid Media Impact Advertising Effectiveness?

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Apr 2, 2018 10:01:35 AM


Five Key Takeaways from an Exploration with AT&T and Hotels.com

This  blog post is repurposed with permission from The Institute for Public Relations.   The just-published paper was written by Angela Jeffrey, APR, Vice President Brand Management for ABX; Gary Getto, President of ABX; and Sandra Duhé, Ph.D., MBA, APR, Fellow PRSA, Associate Professor and Chair, Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Southern Methodist University. 

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Topics: Data-Driven Keys

Lessons from Super-Bowl 2018 Advertising Effectiveness

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Feb 20, 2018 12:38:16 PM

Audience numbers for Super Bowl 2018 were down, thanks partly to the National Anthem controversy.  But ad effectiveness was the best in the past six years!  Does the lower audience mean these ads were just wasted creative spend?  Which demographic group really cares about them?  Unlike other polls on the "most liked Super Bowl ads," see what ABX and marketing mix modeler Michael Wolfe tells us about what is working in Super Bowl advertising, and why.  From a competitive advertising point of view, what a great show.  For more information about competitive intelligence in advertising, click here.

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Topics: Media

What Direction for US Ad Spend in 2018? (1)

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Jan 30, 2018 12:30:18 PM

Which channels did best in advertising spending for 2017, and which are likely to grow in 2018?  Which channels have the highest scores for advertising effectiveness?  Are advertisers investing in the channels most effective with viewers?  Michael Wolfe, CEO of Bottom-Line Analytics, guest-posts for us today with a holistic look at Media Spend and Ad-Driven Purchase Propensity.  Hint - it's not just about Digital!

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Topics: Media

Insurance Advertising Effectiveness Rises for Both Millennials and GenPop

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Jan 17, 2018 12:13:12 PM

In late 2015, Farmers Insurance and Allstate had the best TV spots for reaching both Millennials and GenPop together.  Today, we fast-forward into the future to see how insurance advertisers have done against both audiences for 2016 and 2017, and how advertising effectiveness has improved in a big way!

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Topics: Insurance

The Black Friday Advertising Effectiveness Battle

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Nov 27, 2017 3:08:42 PM

As we head into the Holiday Season, special guest author Michael Wolfe, CEO of Bottom-Line Analytics, takes a close look at Black Friday retail  advertising effectiveness versus everyday advertising.  Michael contrasts competitive advertising data from 21 top retailers and reveals the best-performing media channels and KPIs.  

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Topics: Data-Driven Keys

Gender Equality in Advertising for Restaurants - Best of the Best

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Nov 8, 2017 1:11:53 PM

Earlier this month, ABX, the Association of National Advertisers' and the #SeeHer initiative won the ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award - the biggest in the industry.  This award underscores our learnings that gender equality in advertising is not just smart, it's good business. Today's post looks at the top ads in gender equality out of 2,091 in the restaurant category as part of our ongoing industry series.  If you'd like to know more about the latest studies on gender equality in advertising, click the link.  And, for additional stories on restaurants and other categories, see this competitive intelligence link.

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Topics: Gender Equality Measure

Top Measured Ads of the Week: A Study in Advertising Effectiveness

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Aug 29, 2017 11:21:56 AM

Each day, ABX evaluates 1000's of ads in all mediums for advertising effectiveness.  Then, we publish the best of the best in our Top Measured Ads of the Week.  Today's post introduces you to Top Ads and hopes you'll check each week to see what type of creative is working best in TV, Digital, Print, FSI, Radio and OOH. To learn more about what makes an ad good, see our resource page: Advertising Effectiveness Measurement.

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Topics: Top Ads of the Previous Week

Gender Equality in Advertising Results in Improved Reputation and Calls-to-Action

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Jul 25, 2017 11:10:47 AM

The new imperative for advertisers and marketers is to impact Reputation and CTAs through gender equality in advertising.  Besides the social implications, gender equality is just good business.  Today's focus is how this plays out in Insurance Advertising.  For more information on the studies behind this movement, see our resources page on gender equality in advertising.

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Topics: Gender Equality Measure

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