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Gary Getto

Gary Getto
Gary Getto President Gary is a co-founder of ABX. He is a key thought leader in measuring communications effectiveness. Previously, Mr. Getto led VMS’ efforts to measure and analyze the combined impact of news coverage, social media, and advertising communications on key business metrics, such as sales or product preferences. He was primarily responsible for the ground-breaking work done by VMS in linking communications activity to business outcomes. It is here that Gary first developed the methodology and criteria for measuring advertising performance, the vision to benchmark every ad and build a comprehensive database of advertising performance metrics, and the process to do this in an affordable manner. Gary was also one of the first to apply artificial intelligence to the task of better understanding how communications impacts consumer behavior and has worked with communications leaders across a diverse set of industries. Gary has an extensive background in product development, strategic planning, and sales/marketing. He is a frequent speaker to the advertising, marketing, and public relations community. Gary holds a B.S., Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University and a Masters in Management Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.
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Retail Competitive Intelligence: BTS Ad Effectiveness

Posted by Gary Getto on Oct 8, 2015 1:55:15 PM

Retailers deployed a very different mix of creative tools for BTS 2015, using only half the number of creative executions (77 ads) as the prior year (146).  As it turns out, fewer is better in terms of impact. 

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Topics: Retail, Media, Back-to-School, Out of Home (OOH) Advertising, radio, Free-Standing Insert, Television, Online/Digital

Competitive Intelligence for Telecom: Are Celebrities Worth it?

Posted by Gary Getto on Sep 8, 2015 12:47:00 PM

We got to wondering if celebrity spokespeople are worth the big bucks in Telecom/Wireless. So, we pulled all competitor TV spots for 2015 YTD and compared the ad effectiveness scores for those with celebrities against those without.   For analysis of ads in other categories, see our Competitive Intelligence resources page.

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Topics: Telecom, Cable and Internet, Advertising Effectiveness

Competitive Intelligence for Financial Services: Fidelity

Posted by Gary Getto on Aug 31, 2015 10:45:00 AM

Fidelity Investments increased its online display spending by 34% last year.  Remarkably, Fidelity's online display ads score higher in creative effectiveness than many of its TV ads. Now, more than half of its media spend (53%) is going to online display ads.  If you are interested in analysis on other industry ads, see our Competitive Intelligence resources page.

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Topics: Financial Services

Battery Wars: Which Wins - Print or Television Advertising?

Posted by Gary Getto on Aug 14, 2015 10:14:00 AM

Two very different creative approaches. Two very different mediums. And the same creative effectiveness score for each!  See how Energizer and Duracell battle it out.  If you're interested in ad effectiveness in other media, visit our resources page, "Integrated Marketing in All Media."

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Topics: Household

Competitive Intelligence for Insurance - Battling for Millennials

Posted by Gary Getto on Aug 10, 2015 11:38:00 AM

Millennials. Love 'em or hate 'em, most brands gotta have 'em - and none more so than the Auto Insurance industry.  Effective creative for Millennials often involves family and kids, provides practical information, stretches their limited dollars, and helps them get ahead.  For posts on other industries looking at  competitive advertising effectiveness, try our Resources page here.

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Topics: Insurance, Competitive Intelligence, Advertising Effectiveness

Competitive Intelligence for Restaurants: Olive Garden's Agency Search

Posted by Gary Getto on Jul 21, 2015 10:18:00 AM

Olive Garden is putting its creative agency account into review. Grey, which has had the account for 30+ years, is defending the business.  The client is looking for a more "creative" approach to their ads.

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Topics: Restaurants, Competitive Intelligence, Advertising Effectiveness

Mark Twain and TV Ad Effectiveness - Why 15-Second Spots Rock

Posted by Gary Getto on Jul 16, 2015 3:33:00 PM

Mark Twain reportedly wrote, “I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”  And while TV did not exist in his time, he might have said the same about TV ad effectiveness.  While you are studying about TV advertising effectiveness, be sure to see our resources page on Integrated Marketing Across All Media.

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Topics: Personal Care

Print Advertising Delivers High Effectiveness Score for Capital One

Posted by Gary Getto on Jul 13, 2015 2:09:00 PM

It is unlikely you’ve not seen Jennifer Garner as Capital One’s Venture® Card airline mileage credit card spokesperson, or Samuel Jackson pitching its cashback card. Capital One has produced dozens of different versions of their ads for each of their cards.  When creating integrated advertising campaigns, it's critical to understand how each media type has its own strengths.  For more on integrated marketing, see our resources page here.

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Topics: Financial Services, Advertising Effectiveness, Print Advertising, Television

Hugely Effective Retail Ads: Kroger vs. Walmart

Posted by Gary Getto on Jul 6, 2015 3:18:00 PM

Welcome to the ABX Advisory, a new blog providing insights on advertising creative that boosts ROI and minimizes investment risk. Today's focus is on the Retail-Grocery category highlighting two especially effective ads from  competitors, Walmart and Kroger.   For a broader look at competitive advertising, click here.

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Topics: Retail, Television, Food and Beverage

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