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Competitive Intelligence for Insurance - Battling for Millennials

Posted by Gary Getto on Aug 10, 2015 11:38:00 AM

Millennials. Love 'em or hate 'em, most brands gotta have 'em - and none more so than the Auto Insurance industry.  Effective creative for Millennials often involves family and kids, provides practical information, stretches their limited dollars, and helps them get ahead.  For posts on other industries looking at  competitive advertising effectiveness, try our Resources page here.

Five Insurance Ads Beloved by Millennials and a few also Liked by GenPop

Picture of Millennials

MillenialsWith their short attention spans, Millennials test lower on creative effectiveness for Awareness and Messaging, but higher on Reputation and Call-to-Action.  The creative below shows the necessary ingredients to produce more effective creative for this audience.

Two Auto Insurance ads that rocked it with BOTH Millennials and GenPOP 

  • Farmers Insurance “Gaps in Coverage” is in first place with great humor and visuals: (Click to play).
Farmers TV Ad showing piano dropping from crane after car runs into it.
  • Allstate’s “Now U Know Allstate Reality Rides is in second place with a simulator console treatment, perfect for those who are hooked on video games: 

Allstate Insurance's TV spot with a simulator.

Three ads great for Millenials, but NOT for GenPOP:

  • Progressive’s “Apocalypse” showing a Millennial playing video games while the city burns around him rates third for Millennials but not so much for GenPop.  Again, humor and big visuals make it work.

Progressive's Apocalypse ad shows utter destruction.

Esurance TV spot with Lindsay Lohan

American Family Insurance TV spot with Jennifer Hudson.

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