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Four Image Wireless Spots Top Last 6 Months in Ad Effectiveness

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Oct 10, 2019 3:18:05 PM

A glance at the last six months of Wireless TV spots and Online Video (433) suggest they may be improving.  We also see a close correlation between Gender Equality scores and Reputation in this Category.  One strategy common to several of the Top 15 ads was the use of corporate image strategy, which reflected well on Gender and also yielded high Reputation scores.

T-Mobile, Verizon and Verizon Produce Four Beautiful Spots that Lead Advertising Effectiveness in Telecom

Looking at the industry holistically, the chart below shows how well each cellular brand is doing in terms of their "Average" TV and Video test scores.  All brands except Mint Mobile and Simple Mobile placed safely above the yellow line, which indicates an ABX Index of 100, or "average effectiveness."  The top performers in TV (Walmart, Consumer Cellular, U.S. Cellular, Straight Talk, TracFone and Apple) average close to an ABX score of 115, or 15% above average.  In Video, TracFone, GreatCall, Straight Talk, Cox Communication and Charter place in the top five, ranging from 113 to 121.
While looking at Average scores are helpful, none of these carriers produced the most interesting ads of the last six months.  T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T produced four of the top 15 ads that truly show the power of the corporate image, or public relations, strategy.   
TV and Video average ad scores for Telecom companies in the last six months.

1.  T-Mobile - America's Heroes, America's Network - :30

T-Mobile ad featuring veteran getting remote care from doctor.

The highest-scoring TV spot (ABX Index 131) shows the Department of Veterans Affairs teaming up with T-Mobile to enable healthcare professionals to communicate with patients via tablets, laptops and computer. The :30 spot shows veterans communicating with their doctors with their grandchildren nearby. The male V/O says, "With VA video connect powered by T-Mobile, men and women who serve can speak to their doctors from virtually anywhere and get the care they deserve so they can return to their most important post, best friend, quarterback or just dad. The VA provides the care, T-Mobile provides the coverage." A score of 131 places this spot in the top 95% of all ABX 200,000 measured ads.  A strong Message (134) helped push Reputation to 227 and Intended Action to 125. Also, the ABX Gender Equality Index for men and women is extremely high, further impacting reputation. T-Mobile ABX ad scores

2. Verizon - "I have one kid in each branch of the Military" :30

Verizon ad shows family, all kids are in the military.

Verizon's :30 Military spot also did well.  Elaine is seen talking about why she chose Verizon, "It's so important to us that Verizon is supporting military families. When I have a child deployed, having a reliable network means everything. So, when I get a video chat & I get to see their faces, it's the best thing in the world." Additional v/o explains Verizon goes out of its way to help Military families with special prices on unlimited use. Text: Military offer $30/line. Get $100. Buy one, get one free.  The ABX Index for this spot is 124, putting it in the top 90% of all ABX measured ads.  Again, a clear, strong and  heartfelt Message (130) helps drive both Reputation and Action, as does the Gender Equality Score for Elaine at 114.Verizon ad about military - ABX scores

3. Verizon "Cancer is the Ugliest Disease" - :30

Verizon ad showing 3D image being worked on to cure cancer

Another top Verizon spot ties with the last spot at 124 points.  The spot starts with a man who is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and a doctor talking about a new way to treat him. He says, "Successfully treating (cancer) still remains of the most enormous challenges facing us today. We realize that if we develop a technology that could take two dimensional patient images and convert them into a three-dimensional holographic rendering, we could enable surgeons to dissect around the cancer so we can precisely remove it. When we first started we felt like this just might not be possible because computing power just wasn't there. But Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband will give us the ability to this ..." This spot suffered a little on Brand  Linkage (102), but the sophistication of the Message (120) was well-received with Reputation scoring above 200.  Gender scores were all positive, as well.

Verizon cancer ad ABX scores

4. AT&T Provides Edge to Edge Intelligence - :30

AT&T ad showing baby in hospital

Finally, an upbeat :30 from AT&T shows a hospital scene with nurses and doctors attending to the care of a newborn, showing how easy it is to communicate and share data with those within and without the hospital. The female v/o says, "AT&T covers virtually every part of your healthcare business, so that if she has a heart problem and the staff needs to know, they will, and they'll drop everything, and share the data with other specialists ... and they'll drop everything and take care of this baby, and that one, too ... AT&T provides Edge to Edge Intelligence.  AT&T  did a very good job with Brand Linkage (108) and Gender Equality (all scores are high), so its no surprise the Reputation (191) would also be sky high.  AT&T ad ABX scores

We mentioned at the beginning that Gender Equality scoring correlated well with Reputation scores for ads in the Wireless category.  The graph below illustrates this point well using the ABX Gender Equality Index for All and net Reputation for all TV spots in the Category.  Each of the four ads above had very strong Reputation and Gender scores, illustrating the importance of showing actors/actresses in the most respectful light.  As more and more companies adopt Gender Equality testing, we're seeing a "lifting of all boats" as the Category does a better job of this throughout.

Chart comparing Reputation for these four ads with the Gender Equality Index at r=.536For more on Gender testing, see this


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