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Competitive Intelligence for Financial Services: Fidelity

Posted by Gary Getto on Aug 31, 2015 10:45:00 AM

Fidelity Investments increased its online display spending by 34% last year.  Remarkably, Fidelity's online display ads score higher in creative effectiveness than many of its TV ads. Now, more than half of its media spend (53%) is going to online display ads.  If you are interested in analysis on other industry ads, see our Competitive Intelligence resources page.

How has Fidelity Investments Been so Successful with Online Advertising?
Very simple online static ad for Fidelity's Financial Learning Series.

In our TV-centric world, most of us would be unwilling to believe that a simple online display ad could outperform a 30-second TV ad, but Fidelity achieves this routinely.  

Fidelity’s highest scoring online ad is almost 20% above the ABX average for all ads.  This particular high scoring ad (left) is static. But in general, more successful online display ads utilize some form of animation or action, and the majority of Fidelity’s higher scoring ads do use motion.

The key is the well-targeted message for Fidelity’s audience … “we’ll help you be successful managing your money.”

All of Fidelity’s top ads offer clients help to “become more successful” by guiding them in IRA rollovers, reducing risk and increasing income, and providing learning opportunities about investing strategies.  Perfect for their audience.

Of course Fidelity also makes solid use of other media types, and our point is not to suggest that any one media type is superior to the others.  

Fidelity online ad ABX scorecard.

The scores above are very high for the demographic, "online brokerage + at least $100,000 in investable assets." The "average" for all ads is 100, so this ad with a 134 score in action means it rocked.

In truth, every well-constructed ad achieves about the same level of communication regardless of media type.  But, it’s good to open our eyes to all of the possibilities.

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