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Hugely Effective Retail Ads: Kroger vs. Walmart

Posted by Gary Getto on Jul 6, 2015 3:18:00 PM

Welcome to the ABX Advisory, a new blog providing insights on advertising creative that boosts ROI and minimizes investment risk. Today's focus is on the Retail-Grocery category highlighting two especially effective ads from  competitors, Walmart and Kroger.   For a broader look at competitive advertising, click here.

 Walmart to Go - Highest Scores for "Call to Action"

Walmart to Go "isn't just convenient, it's a game-changer," says the opening line in this top retailer online video ad that began airing in January.  The visuals were solid and the copy focused on the benefits of shopping online and obtaining home delivery or in-store pickup. Click on the thumbnail to view this ad.  


This "Walmart to Go" ad registered the highest Message Delivery Index, the highest Reputation Index, and the highest Call-to-Action score of any retailer ad so far in 2015. (See below for an explanation of the scoring).

Walmart_to_GoWalmart to Go's Awareness Index ranked second to all retailer ads year-to-date.

To put this into perspective, Index values are a comparison of the results of an ad versus the average of all ads in the ABX database (100,000+ ads). An overall score of 141 is 41% higher than the average for all ads, which is a phenomenal result. (Click here for full report).

Please follow this link if you'd like more information about definitions and methodology. 

Visual Interest Helps Deliver Kroger Message

Kroger’s TV ad had the 2nd best score among grocery ads so far this year. This ad, which began airing in February, used a spinning coin which was both visually interesting and focused the viewer on the message “getting more for your money” at Kroger. The message of “great food – low prices” was also clearly delivered.  


 This ad was equal to the Walmart to Go ad in Awareness and 2nd in Message Delivery. It had solid Reputation and Call-to-Action metrics. Click on the thumbnail to view the ad and see how well it was designed. (Click here for full report).

Keep an eye out for future Competitive Intelligence for Financial Services, Fast Food, Personal Care and much more.

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