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Part Three: Why Outdoor Advertising Rocks for Purchase and More

Posted by Gary Getto on Oct 31, 2016 7:36:31 PM

Today's post is the last installment in a three-part series on measuring advertising effectiveness - highlighting the best/worst Out-of-Home ads. The focus is on the last two of the four Data-Driven Keys featured in our new eBook: Reputation and Calls-to-Action. OOH advertising has a very strong place in the marketing mix, according to a review of thousands of consumer-panel evaluated OOH ads.

How to Use Outdoor Advertising to Push Reputation and Calls-to-Action

As per our last post on what works and what doesn't in Out-of-Home advertising, this final installment looks at the two most exciting of the four data-driven KPIs for advertising effectiveness - Reputation and Call-to-Action.  Purchase Intent is one of many Calls-to-Action.

By now, you know that OOH advertising with great creative can deliver on Purchase Intent better than any other media type. Analysis on more than 25,000 ads across all media types has revealed this insight, and you can learn more in our new, free eBook, "Four Data-Driven Keys to Effective OOH Advertising," designed by InspiriaMedia.

Over the last two installments, we looked at the Overall Best and Worst OOH ads, and then at Best/Worst OOH results for Awareness and Messaging. Effective advertising in OOH focuses on clarity of both branding and copy, and impact both Reputation and Calls-to-Action.   If you need insights in other media types, see our resources page, "Integrated Marketing in All Media Types."

Cover of new 4 Data-Driven Keys to Effective OOH Advertising.Keep in mind all test results are from a General Population (GenPop) audience, which we use as a base against which to test the success of ads across all media types. We factor in target audience specs for clients beyond this base, of course. 

An ABX Index score of 100 = "Average Effectiveness."  A score above this would multiply an advertiser's investment, and a score below would indicate wasted funds.

Best Ad for Reputation: Coca-Cola

Did you feel better about the advertiser after seeing the ad? Did it change your impression of the advertiser or product? If it did, the ad is effective and powerful in impacting Reputation.  If it did not, it was a missed opportunity and possibly harmful to the brand.

Coca-Cola Outdoor Board.Of all ABX measured OOH ads, the ad above from Coca-Cola had the highest Reputation score at +177% above norm.  The recycling message is strong, of course, but there are plenty of boards with strong non-profit messages that don’t score well for their advertisers.  This one does a perfect blend of mixing its commercial message (happiness inside and out), product shot AND recycling message in one place with a clean simplicity that makes the elements work together as evidenced by the big Action score of 152 (+52% above norm).

Coca-Cola OOH ad has Reputation score of 277.

Worst Ad for Reputation: VitaminWater

Vitamin Water OOH ad.Survey respondents were Aware of Vitamin Water in the ad above (ABX Index 96), but had no idea what it meant and were certainly not impressed (Reputation = 0).  We know from other research that sex and nudity doesn’t really sell product because all people see is the sex.  Chances are folks focused on the right half of this ad and didn’t look much to the left.  Interesting concept, but it didn’t read.

Vitamin Water ad with naked cyclist is scored "0" for Reputation.

 Best Ad for Calls-to Action: Burger King

When we ask what the viewer intends to do as a result of seeing an ad, the majority of ads (51%) result in no change in behavior.  Since we are hoping to change a person’s attitude toward our brand, and to get them to do something as a result of our investment, ads that generate an intended change in behavior are perhaps the only ones that are truly successful.

Burger King $50 cone outdoor ad.

This board looks good enough to eat, and undoubtedly stimulated appetites in every car that passed by, gauging from the huge Action score 74% over norm.  Subsets of Action include Purchase Intent, which scored +266!  Another is willingness to Recommend, which scored +206% over norm. Clear Message, clear branding, great photography and strong Reputation.  It doesn’t have to be any more complex than this.

Burger King outdoor board won huge scores like 143 ABX Index.

 Worst Ad for Calls-to-Action: Acura

TLX long vertical banner ad off side of building.

Here is one of those ads that must have looked good on paper, but makes no sense in execution.  According to the scores below, viewers did figure out the advertiser by craning their necks, but they had no idea what the Message was supposed to be (-55% below norm) and had no plans to Act (-59%). In terms of Purchase Intent, this ad scored a -7%. Once again, we are being arrogant to assume our audiences are anticipating our every more.

TLX ad score is very low - Reputation of 27.

If you haven't already downloaded the free eBook, be sure to do so.  The additional creative examples are worth seeing, and offer good lessons-learned!

Are you satisfied with your current creative effectiveness?  Is it resonating through Awareness and Message, and having an impact on Reputation and Action?  ABX provides the largest normative database in the industry across all media types. On average you can improve your creative effectiveness by almost 20%

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