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Top Measured Ads of the Week: A Study in Effective Advertising

Posted by Angela Jeffrey on Aug 29, 2017 11:21:56 AM

Each day, ABX evaluates 1000's of ads in all mediums for advertising effectiveness.  Then, we publish the best of the best in our Top Measured Ads of the Week.  Today's post introduces you to Top Ads and hopes you'll check each week to see what type of creative is working best in TV, Digital, Print, FSI, Radio and OOH. To learn more about what makes an ad good, see our resource page: Advertising Effectiveness Measurement.

Effective Advertising is Easier to Create with Examples from World-Class Brands

As gigantic and smaller companies compete in traditional and digital advertising, it is amazing to see which ones pull ahead of the pack with winning creative.  Each week, ABX tests thousands of ads in TV, Digital Radio, Print, FSI and OOH and designates the top two in each media type for advertising effectiveness.  Sometimes, no ads are good enough to be included in ABX's Top  Ads of the Week, which is the case this week in OOH.  Each of the Top Ads  have been through formal creative testing, so results are reliable.

As you may remember, ABX tests each ad on 14 KPIs across variables like Awareness, Message, Reputation, Action, Relevance, etc.  The ABX Index is comprised of certain KPIs that correlate with outcomes (shown in the circles below).  

A score of 100 in advertising effectiveness means an ad is "average."  Below that means it may have been a waste of ad spend.  Above that means it rocks.  For more on advertising effectiveness, go here.

ABX Top Ads of the Week 8-28-17.png

Are you satisfied with how you are measuring advertising effectiveness?  Is it resonating through Awareness and Message, and having an impact on Reputation and Action?  ABX provides the largest normative database in the industry across all media types. On average you can improve your creative effectiveness by almost 20%

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How the ABX Testing is Done

ABX provides ad effectiveness scores from human respondents against 14 variables and in all media types. ABX Index values are a comparison of the results of an ad versus the average of all ads in the ABX database (100,000+ ads). Click for more information about definitions and methodology.

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