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"Here With Wendy's Morning Break" Top TV Ad Measured For Ad Effectiveness - 9-26-22

Posted by Diane Light Waight on Sep 26, 2022 12:24:50 PM

Congratulations to The Wendy's Company for having the top TV in-market ad of the week measured by ABX for ad effectiveness. I loved how they had a “Wendy’s Morning Break” interview format! Advertising Benchmark Index - ABX measures thousands of in-market ads a week across all media types globally for their ad effectiveness.  An average ad measured would have an ABX Score of 100.  Wendy's had a score of 133.  Wendy's Gender Equality Index for both Female and Male were also above average.  #wendys n#thewendyscompany #abx #adxadbenchmark #adeffectiveness #topadsoftheweek #advertising #advertisinginsights #marketing #marketinginsights #restaurantmarketing #restaurantadvertising #advertisingstrategy #ROAS

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