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ABX Helps Launch Gender Bias Metric for Ads at White House

Posted by Gary Getto on Jun 29, 2016 10:40:41 AM

ABX Joins the ANA, AFE and Others to Introduce the new Gender Equality Measure™ (GEM)

The Association of National AdvertisersAlliance for Family Entertainment (ANA AFE), and other key partners, kicked-off #SeeHer, a major initiative supported by the White House, challenging the advertising world to eliminate gender bias in advertising that is targeted at women. The goal of the initiative is to realize a 20% increase in the accurate portrayal of all girls and women in advertising by 2020, the 100th anniversary of American women’s obtaining the vote.
During the conference at the White House June 15th, officials said that fixing the gender bias issue of how  women in the media are portrayed is critical to our country’s future. Major players in the initiative include ABX Advertising Benchmark Index, Unilever, The Girl’s Lounge, Walmart, P&GTIVO and others.  

White_House.pngHow to Measure Gender Equality 

ABX partnered with the ANA AFE to develop the first-ever Gender Equality Measure (GEM) for use in advertising, TV programs and movies.  ABX analyzed hundreds of ads and TV programs, and surveyed thousands of consumers, to identify the most accurate metric.  This new metric will roll-out July 1st

What Does this Mean for You?

While the research yielded a great metric for measuring the way women (and men) are portrayed in all media, it also correlated amazingly well to desired outcomes like Reputation and Call to Action.  So, if you produce ads that are *accurate* in their portrayal of women and girls, not only are you in sync with our country’s leadership, but your business results should improve.  For more information on the research behind this and some other major gender studies, see our resources page, "How can Marketers test Gender Equality in Advertising?"

A few Great Examples

  1. Kellogg's "Own It"


What a marvelous ad with a very high GEM score of +35% over norm!  It tells the story of how often women beat themselves up over their bodies.  The cumulative effect of so many different types of women doing the same thing is both humorous and insightful.  The scorecard below shows the ABX Index is +17% above norm, but Reputation is huge at +76%.  The Awareness score could have been better with earlier Kellogg’s branding.  Nonetheless, the strong Message and Action scores show this ad hit home.


2.  Neosporin - "I'm Going a Hundred Miles per Hour"


Here’s another marvelous ad with a GEM of +31% showing the sheer determination of this strong little girl.  All scores are huge, but Reputation at +133% over norm is one of the highest we’ve seen, and included in Action is a huge Purchase score of +116%. 


Click here if you'd like to learn more about how the new ABX Gender Equality Measure can help your business. 

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